Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Fun Friday: Explore your surroundings.

Hi there! Welcome back to Almond Place! Today is Summer Fun Friday and it's one I have been excited for! The Hubs and I are leaving today for two nights away for the first time since our honeymoon!! Other than being gone to bring a newbie back home from delivery, we have never spent a night away. 7 years, people...SEVEN. 

I will recap our little adventure later this week but I wanted to fill you in our week in Kansas City.  This trip, our kids are finally old enough to enjoy what the city has to offer. Along with a ton of fun time with their cousin Elizabeth, we have been exploring some fun things to do and crossing them off our list!!

We visited the Zoo. It's so beautiful! I highly recommend it. The polar bear was awesome. The highlight of the day though had to be the ostrich bird that walked straight over to us and took care of it's "business". I don't know about your kids but our 6 and 4 year olds think poop is the funniest thing ever.

We've explored a smaller, local county museum that had an awesome kids exhibit. The bonus was that no one was there and it was FREE!

The Johnson County Museum's KidScape was a small town where the kids could pretend, build, create, perform, design, read and imagine. We spent about 2 hours in just that one little area! It's located in Shawnee, Mo in case you'd like to check them out!

We spent a day as a family at the Worlds of Fun amusement park. This was the best day! We all had such a wonderful time. The weather was stunning, we had more grownups than kids, we had awesomely behaved kids all day and there was a TON to do there for everyone age wise. 

I've got another post dedicated entirely to Worlds of Fun coming up next week! It will be filled with tips and more photos!

We spent a day at a local community aquatic center. "The Springs" had a couple of water slides, a lazy river, a kiddie splash pad, a kids pool/slide/climber area and a large pool.  It was so fun and at $6/person, totally doable for an entire day! 

So there you have it...a small sampling of our summer fun happenings while we are on vacation in Kansas City. It's been so much fun and I can't wait to fill you in on our next two weeks!! 

How has your summer been? Are you keeping busy? Having some extra summer fun? Share your ideas! I love to get suggestions!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Fun Friday: Camping

Happy Friday, friends!! So sorry things have been a little quiet around these parts but we have been traveling on our little family getaway!

We spent about 5 days driving across the US to eventually find our way at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

One of the big things on our summer bucket list was a family camping trip. Now honestly, this was a ridiculous amount of work. I probably over-prepared but I did not want to be stuck having to buy something or find a last minute hotel room. 

Just about a week ago, we loaded up our van and headed out. The plan was one long driving day, one medium driving day, camp two days, one super long driving day and make it to our destination in Kansas City. 

While I had my plan, I also knew we might need to adjust it...and sure enough we did.  We ended up taking two days to drive from Colorado because our parents ended up having a huge storm with many trees down in their country yard and they needed an extra day to get it cleared up. 

Camping was awesome. We spent two nights at a campground just outside of Woodland Park, Colorado. It was exactly what we wanted...quiet, had beautiful views, was close enough to town that a trip to the grocery store was easy enough and there was a lake within a mile. 

Honestly, it was perfection. It was just what we needed to reconnect as a family. As a kid, we camped every summer and I have amazing memories from those trips. It was my hope that we could help create those memories for our kids.

Watching them run through the woods, playing Star Wars, discovering the awesomeness of living outside, picking flowers, exploring the lake, digging in the dirt, and gathering at the fire.

Two days was not long enough. I can't wait to take them again!! 

So how has your summer bucket list been coming along?

Leave a comment and let me know what you've been up to!!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Fun Friday: Pool time

Welcome to Almond Place! This summer we are celebrating our Summer bucket lists each Friday. It has been so exciting hearing from many of you on Instagram, by email and in person about all the awesome things you are doing!

A big thing on our bucket list was swimming. We are fortunate to have our own pool but I also wanted to make sure the kids are social in their swimming and that we take advantage of the many fun pools we have available. 

The boys are in swimming lessons and while Andrew has been able to swim freely on his own, this is the first year we've seen Jacob swim independently. It's been AWESOME. Grace loves the water but still likes to cling to us in the pool.

We love to swim and it's the best way to beat the heat here in Phoenix!!  I hope you're having a wonderful summer!! Please link up and share your Summer Fun ideas!