Friday, January 7, 2011

One little word: FOCUS

This year, I've decided to follow Ali Edwards "One Little Word" idea.  You can read more about it on her website:  

I've really enjoyed following her blog this past year and she has a way of putting life in a perspective that I admire.  She is wonderful at seeing the little moments in her every day life and I think this ties in perfectly with Project Life.

I've spent several weeks mulling over a word that I think would suit me and while many of them are wonderful:  blessings, love, creativity, light, hope, faith etc...the one that kept coming back to me is FOCUS.

In my head, my little world is perfectly organized.  I have a list of projects, a list of books to read, a list of "stuff to do at home", a list for.....(you get the idea).  But many of these things never happen.  Not because I lack the time, or the energy or the $, but because I lack FOCUS. I am easily sidetracked, easily sucked into major time suckers, easily swayed into another activity.  This leads to a major lack of focus in many areas of my life where I feel like I need improvement.

I often spend a great deal of my week reading about other people's lives and think "WOW, that mom is SO organized."  Instead of reading about them, I should be spending the time on MY life.

I want to focus on our family, focus on completing projects rather than adding new ones, focus on eliminating clutter in our lives...both material and emotional, focus on my husband marriage and focus on myself. 

It's ALOT of things to focus on.  I know.  But with that word guiding me, I'm already seeing small that shelf in my closet that hasn't been looked at since we moved in 4 years ago....and those emails I've kept putting off....and some of those bad feelings about a friendship that causes me more grief than benefit....

All. Done.  And I'm happier for it.

Here's to FOCUS.

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