Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 1: January 1-7

I can hardly believe my first week of 2011 is complete.  I am 100% caught up on my 2011 scrapbooking.  Humour me....I know it's only been a week, but it's 7 more days than I've accomplished for 2010.

So here they are.....our POTDs (picture of the day) for this week.

Jan 1 at Five Guys...Best. Burger. Ever.

Jan.2  JT's wild hair from the slide.

Jan. dinner on the run.


Jan. 4 Lego fun (courtesy of Denise....their nanny)

Jan. 5....My friend brought her new baby over for lunch.  Soooo cute :-)
While I was preparing lunch, AJ had managed to get comfy in the bouncy seat I had pulled out for the baby.  He also figured out he could get up and walk around with it attached.  awesome.

Jan.6  Baseball at a friend's house.  Yep....that's a baseball field, complete with mound, and bases right in their back yard.  How awesome is that?!  Secretly wishing sometimes that I still lived with them ;-)  AJ and JT had a B.L.A.S.T.  and we had a great dinner with friends :-)

Jan. 7....we found ourselves at the Brophy Basketball game.  Go Broncos!

That sums up our week.  It was a regular, plain jane week.  Nothing spectacular, nothing disappointing.  Perfectly normal.....and that's how I like them!! 

Today, however, a horrible, horrible, horrible tragedy took place in our State.  I can't quite wrap my head around how anyone thinks it's okay to shoot other people because they have different political views that yours.  My heart is heavy tonight as I think of those families and Congresswoman Gifford who are trying to survive and who are grieving their losses.  So. Sad.

Focusing on the blessing that I have my family safe at home tonight.


  1. I'm right there with you on the scrapbooking in '11 front. Especially for Project Life...I think I completed 3 days last year...and that is why I'm using last years kit! I scratched what I did complete, and I'm starting fresh :)

    Happy Project Life Tuesday 2011 :)

  2. Great that you are caught up in 2011! Love the wild hair on the slide.