Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2: January 8-14, 2011

Week TWO....still 100% caught up  :-)  One of the things that helps is the fact that I can simply pop my memory card out of my camera and into my little EPSON  Picturemate printer.  I LOVE THIS PRINTER.  I'm not sure they make them anymore, but thanks to my Mother-in-law gifting it to us for Christmas a few years ago, it's been a lifesaver for this project.

I've shown my book/kit to a few friends and we'll be having a little Project Life party in a couple weeks so they can take a look.  I think I've converted at least 5 friends already....LOVE. IT.  

Jan. 8 - This kid is so cute it kills me.  We had put Jim's glasses on AJ when he was about this age and thought it would fun to try them on JT.  He LOVED them and couldn't stop laughing!

Jan. 9 - Do you see it?  The yellow helicopter in my kitchen?!  You'd think it might be a toy for one of the boys....and it is.....just the BIG boy, not the two littles ;-)  This was Jim's Christmas present from his parents. He was clearly deprived as a child and is now living out all of his childhood dreams of flying a helicopter around the house.  It really is pretty fun and keeps them ALL busy.....for 5-6 mins at a time until it needs to recharge.  :-)

Jan. 10 - Monday was an early morning for everyone and as usual, 
everyone ended up in our room.

Jan. 11 - AJ and Monk....the two of them are INSEPARABLE.  AJ decided that Monk needed to get clean and take a bath....I took advantage of it and threw them both in!!

Jan. 12 - This is how we have a successful trip to Target!!

Jan. 13 - JT's 15 month well-check
This was pre-needles  :-)
Stats:  24lbs 3oz  - 50%....32 in tall - 80%....19.5in head circumference - 97%
He's still a bobble head!  

Jan. 14 - So, we hadn't grilled in a while....Jim fired it up last night and it promptly caught on fire.  Ha!  Flames EVERYWHERE.  I'm kind of surprised no one called the fire dept. cause it took us a while to notice it and black smoke was pouring out of it.  

That's it from our little part of the world.....the weather in Arizona has been BEAUTIFUL and we are trying to take advantage of it before it gets too hot in a few short months.


  1. Great shots! Your boys are simply ADORABLE!!

    I'm the mother of 5 sons!! He He...

    Now a Grammy to some girls.


  2. oh my how cute.. love these photo's.. now I want to bbq!!

  3. Great that you got a picture of your early morning in your bed...Priceless!

  4. Great photos! Happy Project Life Tuesday!

  5. Your boys are adorable! You've got me wishing it was warm enough here in Virginia to break out the grill! I love the cuddle shot in the bed! Have a great week!

  6. OMG! Your little boys are fall on the floor adorable! Love the helicopter pic. My BIG boy has one already and is dying for the newer, bigger one for some reason. Love the bed pic too!