Saturday, March 19, 2011


I journeyed out to Boston a couple of weeks ago for a bridesmaid/wedding party weekend.  My friend Lorena, is tying the knot this summer and has asked me to be her Maid of Honour.  (Ya, ya....I know "Matron" is the proper term since I'm already hitched, but I told her I wouldn't do it if she called me a's just too know?!)

It was a chance for me to meet one of the other bridesmaids, Meg and to reconnect with the other, Julie who I've known since high school, but haven't been in touch with since we left university (10 years ago)...

...seriously having issues with getting older....

and to of course, SEE LORENA!!!  It had been 4 years since we'd seen each other and even then, we didn't get a whole lot of time together because she was in Phoenix for my wedding.  And let's face it, your wedding flies by and you are married, done with your honeymoon, and covered in tissue paper from presents before you've had a chance to even say "Thanks for coming".

I left this:

it's brown, it's flat and it's sunny a.g.a.i.n. 

And arrived to this:

well, hello glorious atlantic ocean!!  
what's that?  Boston has SEASONS?!  Get out.

I came to see THESE girls :-)

Meg, Kirsty (photo-she lives in Scotland), Lorena, Julie and Me

Obviously, Kirsty was unable to join us, given that she lives on the other side of the pond.  It was a bummer, but we made sure to include her in EVERY aspect of the weekend.  She hailed cabs for us, sipped yummy drinks, ate tapas, tried on dresses, and helped choose kitchen gadgets for Lorena at Crate and Barrel.  I can't wait to meet her in real life this summer.

Our main purpose for the trip was THIS:

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE Aria Dress.  My bridesmaids ordered from here for my wedding and I absolutely love the dress I bought then.  I know that I will love this dress just as much.  This is the style I chose and the colour Lorena picked for us is a nice, deep purple. I'll also be wearing a lilac sash around the middle of the dress.  They are handmade, super well made, beautiful fabric, wonderful company to deal with and they have every style, colour and accessory you could ever want.  Oh, AND they are ridiculously reasonably priced.

Love, L.O.V.E. LOVE, love, loooooooove.

Then of course, we had to go see some sights:

embracing my nerdiness 

paper like this makes me giddy

Of course we had to EAT:


and had fruit.....

But most of all, we came together to celebrate this girl and the awesome journey she is about to embark on, with her best friend.  I could not be prouder to be standing beside her as she and Evan join together in marriage.  

we look EXACTLY the same as we did on our first day of university

It was my first weekend away from my family...and it was AWESOME.  I knew they would be fine and have a great guys weekend. They did all sorts of sports stuff and the boys loved having Daddy all to themselves.  But the best part of the weekend was coming home to them and I am thankful I have them all to come back to :-)

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