Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Management Binder

Well, it took me a little longer than I expected it to, but I have finally finished putting together both our Home Management Binder and almost all of our Legacy Binder.

My Home Management Binder is pretty basic.  Given that our kids are little and we don't have them enrolled in any activities, our schedules are pretty open and there isn't a whole lot of information I need to keep track of at this point.

I have included tabs for Emergency Contact Info, Daily Schedule, Calendar, Medical Info, Cleaning, Home, Food, To-Do/Projects, Kids, Contacts, Holidays.

Most of these include printables from Simple Mom and Life Your Way as well as my iCalendar printouts.  I've also included some of the information I've put in my Legacy Binder like the Kids Info and the Medical Info.  I was really touched when Mandi from Life Your Way responded to my email about making a printable for the Kid Info.  It includes things like our routine, bedtime rituals, favourite foods, favourite Lovies, etc.  If anything were ever to happen to us, I'd want their caregivers to know these few also comes in handy for the babysitter too.

This ADORABLE binder from Target did not have a clip or pouch, so I added a cute binder clip to the back of it to hold bills I haven't paid yet, my filled out daily schedule and my cleaning sheet for the week.  I keep my Menu Planning sheet on the fridge for easy access.

Here are the pics of the Legacy's much bigger with much more information.  We put it together according to Dave Ramsey's recommendations for documents to include: Emergency contacts, Wills, Funeral Instructions, Financial Accounts, Insurance Documents, Important Documents, Monthly Budget, Tax Return, Passwords, Bills, Letters to our loved ones, Medical Info, Kids Info, Pet Info, Backup CDs of our photo library and home videos.

See what I mean?!  A TON of information.  And for the record, this is NOT kept in our home.

I was excited to find these pouches at Office Max....they are zippered on one side and pop into the binder.  My mind is already reeling with ideas of how to incorporate them into my scrapbooks and Project Life album.  Right now, it's holding our will be super easy to pop it out and bring the whole thing with me when we travel.

So there you have project for the last couple few weeks.  I hope to finish up my Legacy Binder this week and move onto more "fun" things :-)

Next up is my "launch pad" which is also almost done....hmm....seems to be a theme.  Just a few hooks to hang, and a I'm calling it done.  Pics on that in a couple of days!

Have a great week,

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  1. WOW! SUCH good ideas to do, the legacy binder especially. There are so many things that I'd want someone to know about my preferences and my family if I wasn't around - I may have to start something like this. Good job mama!