Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project Life - May 2011

So as it turns out, updating my Project Life book every single day was just getting to be too much work.  I'm enjoying it much better now that I am working a couple of weeks at a time.  I thought I'd update you with some photos from the month of May.

Our super picky eater loves corn on the cob :-)

Who doesn't love to ride Henry the vacuum?  My MtA residence friends should remember Henry well!

AJ loves hats.

I grew a squash!!  First thing I've ever grown in my life!!

 Could not for the life of me figure out why the boys' clothes smelled like Cumin...the culprit?  Discovered while emptying the laundry bin....

 Jake is the typical "same sex, second child" kinda guy...he is always up to something, and most often it involves climbing in very high places when everyone else is too busy to pay attention to him.  He is fearless, loves to make a mess and learned the consequences of his actions in his first time out.  

We like to rock out together :-)

 Things in the desert are heating up...we don't have a pool, but we are thankful for sprinklers and hoses!

I ADORE this boy.

Seriously, this kid could not possibly have a BIGGER head.  That helmet, which shakes loose on Andrew's head cannot fit on Jake's.  It's hysterical to watch him try to put it on, get frustrated and look at it like there's something wrong with it.  The kid totally needs an adult sized bike helmet...poor kid.  He's awfully cute, though, dontcha think?!

We are love, love, LOVING our kiddie pool.  The best part was that I got it on clearance last year for like $3.  AJ was quite timid around the pool last summer and now he's leaping into it and really enjoying it.  It's so awesome to see him blossoming...he's still cautious, but is learning when it's okay to let his guard down and belly flop into the water!  These small lessons will serve him well ;-)

So, there you have it....that pretty much sums up our month of May.  It was crazy busy, but also really fun!  Looking forward to a slightly more relaxing June, but many more fun activities!  More play, less work...yay!


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