Monday, June 13, 2011

Project Life Tuesday-June so far

Turns out, I'm a lazy photo downloader....I can simply pop out my card from the camera, put it straight into my Epson and print my photos...there's no need to download!  Besides, my computer is MAXED out and can barely accept an email without telling me I'm too low on space.

I really need a new computer :-) are some of the photos I liked from what I've downloaded.  Poor AJ is totally neglected in this round....don't worry, I'm already saving for the therapy bill....he'll be fine, really ;-)

#1-Happy Birthday, to Meeeee!  31.  Still not quite over my crisis from turning 30, but maybe by 40, I'll have gotten over it?

J and I went to the Diamondbacks game.  Love. Baseball.

#2-  We are America's Taco Shop kinda people...not "go out and blow $150 on dinner" kinda people.  What would Dave Ramsey think?  Gasp.  Not to worry...we used a gift card I had gotten from the BCP choir guys.  Turned out to be the PERFECT dinner for my birthday.  It's a lovely restaurant if you're in Phoenix and have never been.

#3-This is JT and JT.  The "other" JT is 2 weeks older than my JT.  No, they don't have the same name, but pretty darn close :-) The "other" JT is my friend Sarah's little guy....they were our neighbors up until a couple of months ago...This is in their NEW house and both little guys were hanging out in their chairs.  Trust me, her kid is adorable :-)  Oh, and we both have boys named Andrew too....great minds think alike :-)

#4- Fishocalypse 2011.  Surprisingly, Daddy killed the fishies. A few too many drops of the algae remover and our little fishies didn't make it over night.  It's a bummer too cause we've had these guys for quite a while.  AJ thought they were just taking a rest...I did tell him they were sick...He didn't seem too bothered and told me we just needed to get new ones at the store.  He's so laid back ;-)

#5-  MY birthday donuts from Sarah and her boys....JT was supposed to have ONE.  But, I left him unattended and he managed to pull the box over and devour at least 2, if not 3. I got NONE.  Little turkey.  Soooo gonna be busting this kid outta jail....Lord help us!

#6-The hubs clearly has trouble rocking in the chair.  I wish I had a video cause he toppled ever so gracefully!

That sums up life this week.

Make it a good one!!

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