Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm so thankful that my Aunt and Uncle brought my grandmother Noella over to PEI to visit us.  She will turn 90 on Christmas day...she is amazing!  She still lives alone, and while I've noticed her age catching up to her over the past few years, she can still do pretty much everything on her own.  We are blessed to have a Red Cross home assistant who comes to her 3 hours every day...since only one relative lives in the town with her, it makes it a lot more comfortable for all of us knowing that someone else is checking in on her on a regular basis.

She had the chance to meet AJ two years ago, and now got to meet JT.  It was awesome to see her with my littles...she totally lights up when they are around...even when they are overtired, haven't napped and reaaaaally don't want to take yet another picture!

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