Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Life Tuesday: July Vacation

I have SO many photos from our family trip to Canada that I wanted to keep sharing them :-)

This little man LOVES bugs...he was fascinated by the all the worms.  He was super gentle with them and wouldn't actually touch them, but he followed this one around for a long time!

Pretty sure our family singlehandedly keeps Toyota in business...all 3 different models of the Charcoal Gray Corolla! One from Ontario, one from New Brunswick and my parents' from PEI.

We spent an afternoon at Avonlea Village....if you are familiar with Anne of Green Gables, this is a mock village they've designed with historic buildings, period costumes, an active farm and lots of plays and music each day.  It was a GREAT afternoon....we heard some awesome Maritime music, ate Cows, and had fun enjoying the sights.  I think it was one of my favorite days as a family.  More detailed post on Avonlea coming up later on...

Of course, no trip to PEI is complete without a photo with Anne herself!  AJ loved it and wanted her to RACE...she was a good sport and chased after him.

Do you see IT?!  Jim's FIRST gray hair...sooo don't appreciate that this is the first one, given that he is a whole 6 years older me and I'm regularly finding them now.

Grandma's iPad was a definite hit with  both boys.  Xmas present?  For US, not them :-)  Hint. Hint. Santa...

I've slowly been working on my photography skills.  I've been shooting almost entirely on "manual mode" for over a year now...it still takes me a while to figure out some of the correct settings, but I finally feel like I've got that down pretty well...now I'm trying different types of photos...this one, I had to meter on the bright clouds to still capture the rays of the sun....when I metered on the dark clouds, it was totally blown out.

We took this shot as we were leaving Covehead after our family photo shoot....which by the way, is so ridiculously expensive to order their prints that I'm seriously going to have to remortgage the house...they haven't quite caught up with the industry standards both in cost, and accessibility to the images...no digital files for us :-(  Either way, I still got some good shots and this will have to do for now :-)

That about sums it up-have a GREAT week!



  1. Love the family picture. Maybe you don't need to buy any of the others? Looks like a cool place to visit.

  2. Great photos! The clouds and sun rays look amazing! I too am still trying to figure out the darn DSLR, but still shooting auto. :) Nice job. So fun that they have a cute little town of Anne of Green Gables. LOVE the Anne picture with your little cutie! (and my son loves his Mater shirt!)