Monday, August 29, 2011

Puffy Paint Art

I saw an image on Pinterest where someone had used puffy paint on looked really cool and I just happened to have 2 extra blank canvases lying around.  We've been trying to figure out what to do on our giant wall in the living room for, oh, um, 4 since the day we moved into the house :-)

I started out by drawing a design on parchment paper, then folding it in half to trace it on the other side.  I knew I wanted 2 canvases to be mirror images of each other.

Then, I started applying the puff paint.  I got the paint at Michaels for about $3.  The original instructions recommended applying it to a secondary surface in case you make a mistake and want a do-over...once the paint is dry, you simply peel it off carefully and apply it to the canvas with modpodge.

I let it dry for about 2 hours, then started peeling and glueing.  It took maybe 20 minutes...super easy, super cheap ($3 for canvases found at Ross, $3 for puffy paint).

I think it still needs some colour...our house is not as modern as the original poster, but I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it yet....any suggestions?  It's a little glossy because I modpodged over the entire canvas...maybe chalk?  Extra paint?

The final result:

Not too shabby for $6 and about an hour total of "work" :-)  The hubs is okay with's not his favourite, but no one can complain when it cost nothing to make!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Maybe I'm not the right person to ask (as I just painted our bathroom bright red), but what about making the part you drew on parchment (the design) a brighter color? You could pick up the blue or green in the poster picture to accent it. Or, go wild and put up a really bright color, like orange or yellow. Just a thought.

  2. You could paint the canvas, then add the puffy paint design.
    I like it. Very clever.

  3. super cute! I love the finished product! You are being featured tonight this weeks Tasteful Tuesday party. This link will go live tonight at 8:30 central time.