Friday, September 9, 2011

Looking back: September 2010

Since I'm still drowning in summer vacation photos, I thought it would be fun to start taking a look back at some older's always fun to revisit those folders :-)

One of the reasons I LOVE Project Life is that it gets my photos out of my computer, and into a format where we can enjoy them.  Not every single photo makes it into the book, but our story is being told and that is a GOOD thing!

This time last year, we took the boys to enjoy the last weekend for the splash pads to be on.  I'll never figure out why they turn them off when it's still over 110F every day, but nothing seems to last past Labour day.

AJ was 2.5 and still timid about new situations.  It took him a long time to warm up to running through the sprinklers.  JT wasn't even a year old and still crawling!  I hope I remember how skinny AJ was... that the 12-18 month swimsuit was still falling off of him at 2.5...and Jake's little Buddha belly...he's still got it, but he's slimming up quickly now too. These little bugs are growing so fast!

Happy Weekend everyone!!


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