Friday, September 23, 2011

Looking back: September 2010

I've been having a lot of fun doing these "Looking Back" posts.  I feel like it helps me to reflect on this particular time in my life with a greater sense of appreciation.  It really makes me realize how quickly time is going and how fast my kiddos are growing up.  

While there are many times when I wish they would just "hurry up and grow up", I am also really trying to enjoy their littleness.  A year ago, AJ was 2.5 and JT was almost 1.  Now, JT is a little over a week away from being 2 and while I'm excited for his birthday, looking back at our photos from a year ago, I realized that there are some things about him that are gone and I miss them already.

He's been growing UP more than he's been growing OUT.  At 11 months, he still had his thunder thighs and was very much a BABY.  Now, he is talking up a storm, playing, exploring and really a little boy....although he will be quick to tell you "NO, Bi By"...which in Jake speak is "No, big boy!!"  His favourite thing to eat now is yogurt...drinks and sticks :-)  I'm the only one who knows what "Laguntick" means...that would be yogurt stick in case any of you were wondering :-)

A year ago, he could barely reach the, he is more than capable of moving the bench out, and making his way to the very top of it.  He will sit for quite a while playing his songs and singing. It's A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

AJ was still fairly cautious at 2.5.  He was very much still into his routine.  He didn't, and still doesn't like to be impulsive....just like his daddy :-)  He was and still is obsessed with apple juice....or "Polka dot" juice as it's also known around here.  He was being particularly difficult one day and asking for a drink, but refused water, milk, and apple juice...finally, in desperation, I jokingly said "Do you want Polka Dot juice instead?"  He said yes and now, believe it or not, despite apple juice and polka dot juice being THE. EXACT. SAME. THING....he can tell the "difference".  Luckily, if I've made the wrong kind, I can simply put the cup in the fridge, shake things around and he's confident that I've fixed the error :-)  Gotta love 3 year olds!

At that age, he was still enjoying his time as the Big brother...Jake was still pretty much interested in only playing alongside JT is in his face, and space all the time.  Luckily, they play well together and are happy to wrestle together...all the live long day.

It's hard for me to look back at the photos of Andrew knowing that the outfits he wore last year are the same ones Jake is wearing now.  They are growing up FAST.

Love these boys.

Happy Weekend!


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  1. What a difference a year makes. Miss them! The picture, is it from last year? JT looks too small/little.