Friday, September 2, 2011

Ode to a glue gun....

  I saw this image on Pinterest (my new addiction) and thought it would be really cool to try out.  I got the supplies I needed and got to work.

I pulled out my trusty little glue gun and found it VERY hard to get that glue to push through...after a bit of prying and investigating the glue going in, I realized that glue was leaking out the back....I'm 100% sure it's NOT supposed to do that 

Case in point, my trusty little glue gun has officially made it's way to glue heaven. Sigh.  

Now, why on earth am I dedicating and entire post to a stupid glue gun?  Cause me and this glue gun go way back.  Most people know I was engaged once before....when that relationship ended, I turned to crafting.  This little glue gun was the first thing I bought on my trip to Craftmart at Alma School and Warner Roads...which unfortunately ALSO doesn't exist!  

So, this glue gun got me through some pretty rough times :-)  It's what got me on my crafting's why I'm trying to glue peas to a wreath!  

So THANKS little glue gun!  It's been fun and we've done lots of awesome projects!  

Can't wait to head to Michael's tomorrow to pick out a new one....cause um, ya...the pea wreath?  Got about 1/8th done before the glue gun crapped out :-( 


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