Monday, September 12, 2011

Project Life: PEI Part 2

In the middle of August, Jake and I returned back to PEI for a week.  I had another wedding to attend and since he still flies free, I brought him along.  I was a little nervous traveling that far with him, but he is a super duper traveler.  We really are so very lucky to have such great kiddos :-)

Jake and my Mom eating dinner at the beach.

Best University on the planet.
I LOVE this place.

This is one of the very first people I met in Bennett House. Jenn...Jenn...say HI to the readers....all 8 of them :-)  We've mostly been out of touch since University, but have reconnected through Facebook.  She is one of the most remarkable, strong and amazing people I know.  This chick is hard. core.  Like, she survived a double lung transplant, and open heart surgery....All at the age of 27.


She is inspiring.  

It is a privilege to have her as a friend.
She really should be a motivational speaker....hint hint.

Pure. Joy.
This is the only kind of beer I like.

This is the "other half" of Jenn's room in Bennett House.  Miss Lizzie.  We've had some great adventures together...she's probably one of the people I've traveled "with" the most...we've met up in Alaska, drove to the Yukon, hung out in Vancouver, run into each other in Toronto and hung out in England.  Quite the travelers, we are!!  

Would you believe she is a librarian??!!  We might be 31, but we know how to work a photo booth baby!  The glasses are no match for us!

Mount Allison Group.  Do most people still have this many university friends 10 years after they've left college?  Somehow I don't think so....It's been a long time since we've been crawling through ketchup and mayo together, but those early days were some serious bonding!  Sooo great to meet up with all these lovely people again.

This lovely bride is my oldest university friend...we lived together for 4 years and met on the very first day of school.  Allison, my partner in crime, my voice of reason, the one who is always there....
I'm so happy for you, friend!  You were a beautiful bride and I'm so happy I could be there.

Jules...would you believe we met before we even got to university?  Crazy.  Me from the Yukon, she from NB...met up in Ottawa for Encounters with Canada.  We weren't really friends at school...not ever sure why?  We'd have had a heck of a lot of fun!!  
Who'd ever have thought that we'd be bridesmaids extraordinaire 14 years later??  
We drove to Halifax together, shopped, ate, drank, and had a heck of a great time through it all!
Thanks, friend!

That wraps up this week...I've got a few more photos from the week there that I'll have for another post.
Hope everyone has a great week!  Happy Project Life Tuesday!


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