Sunday, February 26, 2012


This little boy is 100% ALL BOY.
He loves trucks, and planes, and helicopters.
He loves his puppy dog.
He loves food.
He loves to announce when he's tooted and burped.
He loves to tackle and will put you in a choke hold in about 3 secs. <luckily he's only 2!>
He loves iPod games.
He loves to run.
He loves his Mummy and Daddy and Brother.
He will snuggle until the end of time.
He's tough on the outside but sensitive on the inside.
He's thoughtful.  He wants to do everything we can do and I know he wishes he was older.
He's a charmer.
He loves Mighty Machines.
He loves his Froggy and Binky.

But most of all,  he loves dirt....and digging....and building.

We love him oh so much!

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