Friday, March 30, 2012

Hockey in the desert

I just can't wrap my head around Phoenix being a hockey town...maybe it's the 90 degree weather we have and the fact that there is literally a golf course every 5 ft. Hockey seems too barbaric for this pristine, perfectly manicured, Lexus driving city....

Despite my personal opinion, we do in fact have an NHL team...the coyotes. Honestly have no idea what kind of team they are and I've only been to a couple of games. Either way, when we were offered tickets, we jumped at them.

My two little Canadian boys have never been to an arena before. They've never put on skates. I don't even know where to buy skates here...where is Canadian Tire when you need them?!

They were totally fascinated by the game....Andrew, especially. I found
myself beaming with pride as I explained the rules and object of the game. He had some very good points in making the game easier and fun for everyone...his biggest suggestion was to put more pucks on the ice so the players wouldn't have to fight for them :-)

I also got to explain timeouts and why they applied. He thought that was a good idea but didn't think grownups should need timeouts...they should just stop hitting :-).

Jake was a little more perturbed by the was extremely loud but he loved dancing to the music and cheering when our team scored.

It's still hard for me to grasp that I'm not raising my kids in my home country but I feel a bit better whenever I can bring bits of Canada into their everyday life :-). We only stayed for the first two periods but we all had a great time as a family at the game!! I foresee more hockey games in our future!

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