Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grace | Newborn photo shoot

Ever since I started reading Kara Layne's blog, I have almost completely transitioned to my dSLR except for when I'm out and don't feel like dragging it along.  She's my go-to photographer for our family....she takes AMAZING photos and I can't wait to see what she does with our family in a couple of weeks!

One of the things she posted early on, was a question from a reader who asked her how she was able to improve her photography skills...her answer was "switch your camera to manual mode and start shooting". So...that's what I did.

 I will admit that I had NO IDEA how my camera worked and what manual mode meant and how I could ever get a decent photo out of it without caving into AUTO.  Surprisingly, I now shoot almost entirely in manual mode.  My aim has never been to be a professional photographer....lord knows I don't need another job!...but I want to be able to take EXCELLENT photos as I document our family.  I feel like I'm finally getting more HITS than MISSES and once I get a new computer with Photoshop, I'll be messing around with a little more editing.  I'm also now actually considering a new lens and would something that gives me a shorter DOF.  I can't go lower than 3.2 right now and I find that it's not giving me the blurry-ness I want in the closeup photos.

Anyhow....when Grace was a week old, I decided to set up a little studio in our playroom.  We have 2 huge sliding doors there with tons of natural light in the morning.  I set her up on a table, in the boppy pillow and opened the door for a little warm air since I knew I was going to get her naked!  I did a few test shots, then got her ready.

Here are a few of the shots I came up with.  These are unedited...I love iPhoto, but I'm so looking forward to photoshop for a few touch ups.

I love baby feet :-)

Check out the hair on this girl!

Check out those lashes and those pouty lips!  Love. her.

And finally, here's my money shot...I bumped the exposure on this one to brighten it slightly, but that's the only editing I've done on it.  I'd love to be able to blur the background a little more and blend the blanket.  This is the image we chose for her birth announcement.  

Sweet girl.



  1. LOVE them!! So glad we were able to catch up a bit yesterday!

  2. These photos are GORGEOUS! I'm glad you're getting the hang of your camera in manual mode. Hubby is obsessed with that - he has so many lenses and gadgets to go with his three cameras now. Message me if you ever want some advice from him (he's been doing it for a couple years now). ;)

  3. Beautiful pictures Mandy!!! I love them!!! Grace is so beautiful!!! :-)

  4. Adorable! You are a talented photographer!