Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 DAYS OF FALL: Welcome!


Welcome to Almond Place! I am so happy you're here!  I am celebrating my favourite season in my 31 Days Series.  I'll be crafting, and cooking, and taking lots of pictures!

A little about me for my new friends:  I'm Mandy...age 32...married to J for almost 6 years...have 3 kids: Andrew (4), Jacob (3) and Grace (3.5mos).  I am Canadian but live in Arizona for now...."for now" once meant a couple of years...those years have turned into a decade.

My personal motto is:  BE INTENTIONAL.  It's what drives me, it's what helps me refocus, and it's what helps me realize my purpose.

I can't wait to celebrate Fall with you!  Please grab a button and follow me!

Happy Fall.


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  1. I just came over from the 31-dayers. I love the fall, too. It's far and away my favorite season!