Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 DAYS OF FALL: Airplane birthday


In our house, FALL means BIRTHDAYS!  It's hard to believe our little bubs is 3 years old!  It's hard for me to grasp that we can have full on conversations with him and that he has plenty of his own opinions!  I still see him as a tiny little guy but he really is growing up so very fast.

Jake is obsessed with all things AIRPLANE.  The first thing he says in the morning when he wakes up is "I go on a airplane"...."I poop 10 times and I go on a plane!"  We've promised him a flight when he is potty trained...a friend of ours owns his own plane and offered to take Jacob up for a ride.

Last year, I was newly pregnant at his 2nd birthday and I dropped the ball on planning a party for him.  I knew I wanted something special for him this year, so I settled on an airplane theme and spent some time scouring Pinterest for ideas.  I found an adorable printable set from Simone Made It and set out to make our house an airport!

I made a few games up for the kids to play.  We did a paper plane toss, landed helicopters on the landing pad, gave rides in our airplane wagon, and let them play with with all of our planes.

One of the things I remember from my birthday parties as a kid were the amazing cakes my Mom would make for us.  She gave me her cut up cake book when I had Andrew and I've been making the kids' cakes from that book ever since.  Of course, we had to have an airplane cake!  I had so much fun making it for him!

I also made him a little pilot costume complete with airplane to fly around in.  I don't think it will last until Halloween but it's been fun for him to play with.

Gracie was the perfect little party girl.

And as's not a party if the birthday boy doesn't shed a few tears ;-)

That was our weekend!  Hope you have a great week!




  1. So cute! Such a great idea, and you did an awesome job with all the decor and planning. Happy (belated) 3rd birthday, JT!