Monday, October 22, 2012

31 DAYS OF FALL: Family Fun


It should come as no surprise to any regular blog readers that I've fallen off the blog wagon happens often :-)  But, it's been for a good reason, really....FAMILY TIME.

You see, living in Arizona means we have been cooped up inside since the beginning of June.  The weather now is just so perfectly beautiful that we get outside as often as we can.  We've been playing at the park, taking family walks, hanging out in the backyard, going to soccer and generally just getting out more.  It's not such a drag to get in the car anymore!

Quite honestly, we've been LIVING.  My "one little word" for the year has been INTENTIONAL...and while I am continuously striving to do live a complete and intentional life, sometimes I drop the ball.  I can honestly say though that this past week I've done a good job of keeping my focus and spending some good quality, and intentional time with the know, the kind where I'm actually PRESENT with them and not distracted by other things.  

This past weekend, we headed up to the small local airport to have dinner and watch the planes.  Our little wannabe pilot LOVES going there and it's become one of our favorite things to do as a family.

I hope you're having a wonderful week!


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