Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 DAYS OF FALL: Fashion ideas


One of the hardest parts of Fall in Arizona is the fact that it just doesn't feel like Fall.  It's still pretty darn close to 100F during the day and we still have our air conditioning going pretty much full time.  It's been nice in the early morning and late afternoon/evenings to have the doors open, but it's still hot during the middle part of the day.

So when it's 100F, it's a little tough to bust out the beautiful sweaters, cords, jackets and jeans.  Our stores though don't seem to have any trouble keeping in regular time with the rest of the country...which means those beautiful sweaters, cords, jackets and jeans have been taunting me every time I walk into Target.

Turning to Pinterest, I've been gathering some images of style ideas for this coming fall and winter.  I find it hard to visualize what separate pieces might look like in an outfit which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Polyvore boards and outfit suggestions.  I tend to just pull up an image and search around for the entire outfit.  I never find EXACTLY what is pictured and that's's the general look I'm going for.

Since having our 3rd baby, I am really trying to make sure I don't fall into that typical "frantic mom" look.  I don't need to be completely put together, but having good outfits makes a difference and call me crazy, but as much as I love my yoga pants, not many people can pull those off unless they are actually going to yoga....just sayin'.

Here are some of the boards I've pinned and some of the items I'll be searching for!  I'd love to hear what kinds of things you're on the hunt for this season :-)

I just love this classic look!  It's perfect for lunch, or a date night with the hubby.  Not sure I could manage to keep an ivory blazer looking that amazing with 3 kids, but I have hope for another color :-)


I love every outfit in these two sets....there's that white blazer again!  I like the cute and comfy styles along with the dressier styles.  These are a nice mix of those.  I realize I am waaaay late on the Toms band wagon, but would someone please tell me exactly why they are so popular?  Are they super comfy? What's the deal?  They seem pricey to me and while I love a good casual shoe, people wear them with everything!  Fill me in...

Ok...just one more photo.  I absolutely love this dress!....and those boots!  I'm still searching for boots....

Source: via Mandy on Pinterest

Well, that's my inspiration for now! It's almost the WEEKEND!!


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