Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 DAYS OF FALL: Halloween Wreath


Over the past year or so, I've become addicted to many wonderful little time.  I'm really loving the easy projects I can create that add a little something extra to our home.  I love it even more when I know that I could purchase those same projects for ridiculous prices at some of the big name brand stores, yet I've managed to make something even nicer for a third of the cost.

I've seen many ideas for halloween wreaths from Pinterest and some smaller boutiques.  I decided to take what I'd seen and make it my own.

These are the supplies I started with:  Styrofoam wreath, 5 yds of black tulle, 1.5 yds of orange, ribbon, glass balls, pumpkin bell.

The process was simple....I cut the tulle in about 2-3 inch exact science here, just popped in the Office DVD to watch and started snipping away.  Then, I looped the tulle around the wreath and pulled it tight.  Easy. Peasy.  It took about an hour to cut and tie the black on.

I then added orange accents for a little pop.  I also laid the wreath on the floor and started trimming the edges.  I wanted them to be the roughly the same length and a little more "spooky" on the edges.  Nothing scientific here either....totally eyeballed it and make adjustments if I see something poking out when I walk by :-)

The boys and I found this fun little bell at Hobby Lobby...I hung it from one of the pieces of tulle.  I did not end up using the glass ball ornaments...not sure what I'll do with those yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something!

And now, for the final product:  TA-DA!!  I keep readjusting the tulle...sometimes I like it more scrunched up and other times I like it pulled out a little straighter.  I did snip that longish piece of the left hand side at the top (it's bugging me in the photo!!)

So, what do you think?  Love it? Hate it? The boys LOVE it and are getting so excited for Halloween. I can't wait to celebrate all of the fun holidays coming up....the kids make it all that much more fun!!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Cute! The girls have a skirt someone made with ribbon for the waist and tulle for the skirt. It looks fabulous on your door. :)

  2. That is adorable! I love how the orange bits amid the black look like flames.