Thursday, May 23, 2013

Woe to porcelain

It's official.

I HATE PORCELAIN. Sinks. Toilets. Bathtubs. 

I am 100% convinced that the idiot...ahem...fine gentleman who invented these never actually had to clean one himself. 

For years I have battled these...first is was the kitchen sinks in my very first house, then it was the tub in the last house and now I find myself wrestling with another bathtub.  

No matter how often I've scrubbed or what product I've used, they look dirty all the time. It's ridiculously frustrating. Throw in a few scratches and it's enough to push this Mama over the edge. 

I had been using "Bar Keepers Friend". It worked! It also burned the hairs out of my nose, made my eyes water and my skin peel off. Not good.  I couldn't imagine putting my sweet, silky smooth babies into those tubs. I also couldn't imagine using the sink after I had just laced it with some hardcore chemicals.  

Scour Off: Purchase HERE
I'm so thankful I found Shaklee's Scour Off.  This is seriously a miracle product. It's made from cherry pits and smells divine.  It works BETTER than anything else I've tried. Yes, you need a little elbow grease but it will buff that stupid porcelain so clean and shiny that you'll think it was brand new!

I don't worry about chemicals and I don't have any adverse reactions to it.  My sensitive skin can handle it without gloves!  You can use it on porcelain, to clean your shower doors, on pots and pans (nonstick), toilet rings, grout, and anything else that needs a little extra kick to get it clean!

My dingy sink before

My sink AFTER!

My nasty stove ring...go ahead and judge!


If you're looking for an amazing product, give Scour Off a try!  You can order here: Almond Place Shaklee Store: SCOUR OFF


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