Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Painted Pumpkins

I absolutely love fall! I always feel this sense of renewal with the change in temps here in the desert and I get a burst of energy to start baking, decorating and crafting!

This week, I created some trendy little pumpkins to add to our home decor. My fall accessories are my favorite to pull out every year and this year, I've decided to try to curb my spending in that area by making some new things myself ;-) 

I scored these pumpkins on sale at Michael's and knew immediately what I wanted to do with them.

I've never actually used these styrofoam pumpkins before but luckily, they are easy to transform into custom creations that don't rot!

I grabbed a couple of dabbers, along with a robin's egg blue and slate grey acrylic paints and got to work.  I started with the polka dots. It was so easy...just fill sponge with paint, dab and twist. 

I initially tried a chevron pattern with the blue on the large pumpkin. I just couldn't make it work. I was both too picky and too impatient to tape, paint, retape and paint again. So, I slathered that blue paint on and made my grey burlap bow.

I attached the bow with a little hot glue and voila! Done and done.  I know the colors are a little unconventional for fall but I love them and they are a nice twist on the typical look.

Happy fall!