Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Handmade Nest

This past Friday, a couple of friends and I ventured out to the far east Valley in Phoenix to attend an event called "The Handmade Nest".

It was put on by 4 amazing Arizona bloggers and was designed to help connect other bloggers as well as serve as a girls night out. It was so cool for me to see parts of my online blog life collide with my real life! My new friend, Katie from Sweet Rose Studio was one of the organizers. She and her fellow Handmade Nesters did an amazing job.

Set in the Power Ranch barn, we were welcomed with a goodie bag, our craft kits and some brief instructions.  We grabbed our seats and got to work.

Throughout the evening, my friends Megan (below), Hollie and I chatted, ate amazing cake, crafted and met some new people.  I chose to make the Number board. Everything was all set up and prepared for me! I love that I had to do none of the preparation!

They had great giveaways throughout the evening. My only disappointment was that my neighbor at my table won the BIG prize...a Zink photo printer. Normally, I would've rejoiced in her good fortune however, she had never heard of it, didn't seem to care at all that she had won it and based on her level of excitement of tossing it under her chair, I'm going to assume she's never going to use it either ....I would've done BEAUTIFUL things with that Zink!!! Oh well...I'm hoping my excitement for her rubbed off a little and just maybe she'll be inspired to get her craft on ;-) 

Here's my number board in progress...

Our goodie bags had a Vintage Rose Wrap headband and a lovely necklace from the Crafted Sparrow. I love how cute and easy the headband is and I put it on the very next day for our little road trip.  It's adorable!

There were several big name bloggers there: Maryann Perry from Cherish Everyday.  If you're ever looking for awesome Project Life Inspiration, Mary Ann is your gal! I was thrilled to meet Rebecca Cooper from Simple as That. She recently moved to AZ from Calgary and has been a huge inspiration in my own scrapbooking style. It was fun to have another Canadian in the crowd.

I absolutely loved the entire evening and I can't wait for the next Handmade Nest event...did I mention they had cake?!

I mean seriously....could that BE anymore adorable??!! It was some of the most amazing cake I've ever had. 

Here is my finished sign...now to figure out where to hang it!

If you're in AZ be sure to check out the Handmade Nest blog and follow them on Instagram @thehandmadenest for the latest updates and inspiration!

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  1. I am so thankful that I was able to meet you at our "fan girl" lunch and see you again at The Handmade Nest. You are the sweetest!