Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RAOK Day 2

Welcome to Almond Place!

October 2nd holds a special place in my heart because my sweet Jacob jumped into the world that day! He is my free spirit, funny, goofy, creative, stubborn as a mule, and giant hearted little man. Today, Jake turned 4. Happy birthday, bud!!

Jakey wanted McDonalds nuggets for his birthday dinner.

Today was a challenging sweet daughter, Grace and our babysitter Denise were in a car accident. They, along with the driver who hit them are all okay. By God's Grace, she was well strapped into her car seat and Denise's peripheral vision for red light runners is top notch. We are truly blessed that She and Denise were able to walk away unharmed. 

The prompt for today was an encouraging note to a stranger.  I am glad I was able to get this done first thing this morning because I honestly did not have much left in me after dealing with the accident. 

This was actually really easy to pull off and I'm hoping it made her day.  I came to preschool ready with a card and Dutch bros gift card. A quick note : You're a GREAT Mom! Have a wonderful day! 
I wrote "for you" on the envelope and popped it on some random preschool mom's driver side window. 

If you have kids, you know how hard it is to get out of the house in the morning...I'm hoping this brightened her day.  The best is that I also have no idea who she is because I've never seen her and our kids are in different stranger!! Today's RAOK cost me about $6...1 for the card and 5 for the coffee card.

Tomorrow's prompt:

RAOK for your kiddos.

Have fun!!

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  1. I can do this at the high school where I am subbing this week. Oh, some student will be surprised!