Thursday, October 10, 2013

RAOK Day 10

Hello! Welcome to Almond Place and 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness. 

Today's RAOK didn't quite go as planned but it was still fun and it will be a nice surprise for the coach we honored today.  My son, Jacob has been taking swimming lessons at a local swim club and really bonded with his very first teacher.  Miss Vanessa has been the apple of his eye and we've worked our schedule around hers so he can continue with her.  She wasn't at his lesson today but I wanted her to know how much we appreciate her hard work and awesome positive influence with Jake. So, we gifted her with a thank you note and Dutch Bros drink card. I was hoping Jake would be the one to give it to her but she was away.

Showing people you appreciate them is so important. We could all stand to let those we love know we are thankful for them! 

Tomorrow's prompt: first responders...think fire fighters, police, paramedics.

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