Friday, October 11, 2013

RAOK Day 11.

Welcome to Almond Place! I hope you've been having fun doing some Random Acts of Kindness around your part of the world!

Today's prompt was for a first responder. I had something very specific in mind for this's the backstory.

Last Wednesday, our sweet baby girl Grace and our babysitter Denise were hit in the car by a woman who blew through a red light. This was a very scary experience for all of us especially since I wasn't with her at the time.

Denise had nothing but wonderful things to say about the firefighters who were first on scene. Thankfully their station was 1/2 mile away from the accident.

Luckily both Grace and Denise were fine and they walked away from the accident.  The driver who hit them was also fine and extremely lucky that she didn't kill anybody. 

So this morning, I whipped up some yummy English Toffee Pumpkin muffins. Grace and I had fun licking the icing beaters and we made up a little thank you banner with some American Crafts Halloween Target line. Super duper easy and added a cute little touch of fall to the muffins.

We dropped them off this afternoon at the fire station with a big ol' THANK YOU!  to the firefighters who responded to the call. 

Thank you Phoenix FD No. 20!! We appreciate you!!

Tomorrow's prompt: a community business

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