Saturday, October 12, 2013

RAOK Day 12.

Hi there! Welcome to Almond Place. I'm Mandy and I'm working on 31 days of random acts of kindness.  

First things first...the winner of the pumpkin frame featured on Day 6:


Congratulations! I'll work out a time to get it to you this week :-).  Thanks to everyone for entering and if you didn't win this time, don't worry...I've got a couple more giveaways planned :-)

Today's RAOK was one I'd been planning on since the beginning. A lovely local pharmacy called Rosy's has been robbed twice in the last month. This is the kind of place where they know your name, and are always helpful. It's a small pharmacy and I liked the personality of it. I was saddened to hear that people would be so horrible to them.  I was even more saddened when I showed up to bring them some treats and I was forced to be buzzed in and out by an armed guard and large bars were across the windows and doors. Also splattered across nearly every surface were NO OXY signs.  

It's so sad that a "small town" pharmacy is now just as heavily guarded as a prison.

Anyhow, I figured they could use some serious cheering up. Those pumpkin muffins I brought to the FD yesterday? Rosy's got a batch, too!!  They seemed so appreciative and a little stunned that anyone would care to let them know how much their community appreciates them.

Hang in there, Rosy's! Thanks for all you do!

Tomorrow's prompt: someone in your faith community.

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