Wednesday, October 16, 2013

RAOK Day 15

Hello! Welcome to 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness here at Almond Place! 

Today was a crazy day at our house. We've got 2 sick kiddos and are in fall break this week. Today was also the Hubs' birthday. Since we have parent teacher conferences at both schools today, we are going to celebrate his birthday this weekend. 

I had a few spare minutes before the kids' dr appointments this morning so we hit up our local Dutch bros for our RAOK. I know I've done this one before but it's probably my favorite! 

The lineup was 20 cars....seriously. A kind lady let me cut in front of her...SURPRISE!! free drinks for you!! The server at the window wasn't sure I was serious when I insisted on paying for all 3 of the drinks she ordered.  

While we were in line, my son spotted a homeless man holding a sign at the nearby bus stop. I figured that EVERYONE could use a coffee today, so I hollered at him and he requested a mocha.  That's my kinda guy!! 

Buying the homeless man a coffee led to a great conversation with my sons about caring for others. Totally worth it on so many levels.

Happy Tuesday!!

Tomorrow's prompt: a favorite organization/charity/mission

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