Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RAOK Day 22

Hi and welcome back to Almond Place! This is Day 22 of 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness.

Today's prompt was someone who taught you something. Since it's been 10 years since I stepped foot in a classroom as a student, I had to think a little on this one...there are many ways of interpreting this. 

I opted to go back to a couple who are near and dear to my heart. My high school piano and theory teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Klassen. When people learn that I grew up in the Yukon, they often ask what kind of quality musical education could possibly have been available...I like to surprise them with my answer. The training I received from Joyce and Henry still stick with me today. I learned so much more than just piano and theory from them.

It's hard to describe everything they have done for me...it's even harder to believe that I really only took 1 year of lessons with Joyce and only 2 years of theory with Henry before I moved onto university. That one year was truly a joy and incredibly influential.

It's been a long time since I've both lived in the Yukon as well as visited. But those 15 years hasn't stopped my friendship and mentorship with the Klassens from growing. 

I was lucky to see them a couple of years ago when they came down to the Southwest for a vacation.  Long overdue, I printed off a copy of this picture and sent it to them today. I laugh at the memory of that day because I was newly pregnant with Grace, feeling very pukey and both boys (ages 2,3) had hand, foot and mouth disease and we were ALL miserable but I was ADAMANT that we get out to see them. It made for a difficult afternoon but the effort it took to get out to see them was so incredibly worth it.

I am thankful to the Klassens for their never ending support and encouragement. I am thankful for their patience with me as a teenager ;-) I am thankful for their incredible model of top notch teaching. But most of all, I am thankful I have them as friends and I hope they return to Phoenix again soon!

Tomorrow's prompt: one of your kids

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