Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RAOK Day 29

Hi there and welcome to Almond Place!! Today is Day 29 in 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness.

My prompt for today was someone who was least likely to expect it...

Thanks to my job working with high school boys, I am feeling pretty well versed in all things "teenage boy". I know they love to push boundaries. I know they are loud and obnoxious. I know they are very physical and are always wrestling, playing ball or shoving each other around. I know when you put 65 of them on a bus, it's going to smell...bad! Teenagers get a bad rep for all of the thing I mentioned...but....

I also know they are sensitive and thoughtful. They have big hearts. They are smart and are carefully learning how to navigate in this big world that they "think" they are ready for but they know deep down they want to hang onto us for just a while longer. They will rise to the challenge when you push them. 

This year, I will graduate my second batch of seniors who I've taught since they were freshmen.  This year's honor chorale seniors are top notch and I already feel that lump in my throat that shows up around graduation time when we get ready to set them free. 

I often run into kids out and about. I had an extra "The Habit" gift card that I hadn't given away yet. A senior in class who I know likes it, was my RAOK receiver today. Daniel is a great kid and has worked really hard in choir. He was so surprised that I would choose him...which is part of the reason why I did! I've seen him at The Habit a couple of times so I knew this would be a perfect match!

Making a teenage boy's day? Priceless :-) 

Tomorrow's prompt: gas station

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