Thursday, October 3, 2013

RAOK: Day 3

Hi there and welcome to Almond Place!

Whew! What a crazy couple of days!! Yesterday was a total madhouse here with Grace and Denise's accident and it being Jacob's birthday. I'm still shaken up with the "what ifs" but am so incredibly thankful that Grace and Denise were able to walk away.

We spent the rest of the afternoon together as a family. The kids went to soccer practice and then we let Jake pick McDonalds for dinner, and his present from Target. Andrew also came home with his mega prize from our reward system (that's another post coming up).  So we now have a Dusty Crop Hopper and Lightning McQueen remote control vehicles racing around the house.  They are of course loud and obnoxious but in light of yesterday's events, I'll happily take all the loud and obnoxious I can over the silence of what could have been. We ran out of time for cake so today, Jake has spent the entire day telling us it's his "cake birthday". So we had cake for breakfast!

Today's RAOK prompt was for your kids. I chose Andrew today. He is the classic oldest child. Bright, smart, driven, likes to pester little brother, gets annoyed with little sister, and knows all the right buttons to push to frustrate this mama to no end. He is often the one who gets the blame, who is made to clean up the most and who is told to suck it up buttercup.  Sometimes, it's hard to remember he's only five. He and I are one and the same and I know this little boy's personality all too well. He has such a kind heart. He loves God. He's an achiever...a pleaser and will never quite feel like he measures up, no matter how much we praise or tell him he's the smartest and most handsome kid on the planet. (Kidding. Don't send me hate mail telling me your kid is cuter and smarter) But he really is a remarkable kid and I wanted to honor him today. 

I had already planned to do some volunteer hours at his school in the I finished those up and left to change into some work clothes. Then, I hurried on back to snag him walking in line to the cafeteria. I jumped in line with him and told him we were going to have lunch together. We went through the lunch line (his first time) and sat down with his class. I made sure to follow all the rules...don't mess with the line leader kid...and we had a great time talking and connecting at lunch. It was a precious 20mins I had with my sweet little boy and when I walked him to the playground, he have me the biggest hug, high five and kiss I've gotten all year.  Then of course the token "okay, you can leave now Mom" quickly followed...don't mess with recess...

I know that making our kids feel secure and loved is more of a big picture concept but I think any time we can go a little out of our way to making them feel loved and special is a great way to strengthen those bonds. It was so simple, easy to do and the cheapest lunch date I've had in a while...$3 for salad, fruit and pretzels. I already feel the tug of others pulling him away and for now, I will soak in every minute he wants to hang out with his mom...that is until he's harassing me in the bathroom ;-)

Tomorrow's prompt:

A kid that's not your own...choose a kid you know, not some random stranger kid...cause mama bears don't do well with strangers and their kids :-)

Have a great Friday!!! 


  1. Love it! I chose Adie yesterday for my RAOK. She often feels disappointed/left-out when the boys go shopping with me (& spend their own money) while she's at school. This is ironic because one of the reasons she was happy to go to school was so she didn't have to go shopping. ;-) Anyway, yesterday we went to a consignment sale, and I saw two adorable pairs of boots that she would love. I bought them, & laid them on her bed for her to see upon her arrival at home. She was very excited, especially for the cowboy boots, and didn't take them off until bedtime. :-)

    1. Isn't that the truth about the first born?! Happy Adie enjoyed her new boots!!