Friday, October 4, 2013

RAOK: Day 4

Welcome to Almond Place and Happy Friday!! It's a big weekend around here as we will be formally celebrating Jake's 4th birthday tomorrow at our local favorite frozen yogurt bar plus a soccer game, three church services and catechism class! Phew!

Today's RAOK was so fun for me to do. One of my jobs is working at a local all boys high school. I am the choral accompanist and love seeing these guys twice a week.  We have 3 choirs: freshman, concert choir (non auditioned) and honor chorale (auditioned 10-12th graders). This weekend is Homecoming at Brophy and this school really goes above and beyond in their celebrations. 
The theme is Candyland, like the game. Sounds super fun and I secretly wish we were actually going to the dance to see the spectacle of it all...I know it will be awesome! 

Tickets for the dance were $15. My good friend in the office hooked me up with a ticket that I planned to give away for free...problem is, most of the boys had already purchased them. My plan was to give it away in honor chorale because these boys work their hineys off in this choir and nothing makes a music teacher happier than kids, BOYS, being passionate about music :-) 

After a little investigation, we simply called all the kids who didn't have a ticket to the front of the room. There were 11 of them. We forced them into a little Solfege/sight reading sing off...

It got pretty intense and we were down to 2 young men...Michael and Kevin. Their goal was to read the music with the right pitches and Solfege syllables as far as they could without screwing up.  Kevin went first and made it 5 or 6 notes...bummer.  Michael started strong but hesitated a little too long on the 4th note and Kevin celebrated with a victory lap in the room. 

Wahoo! They didn't know it was coming, they rose to the occasion when we made them do something pretty difficult in front of the entire class and Kevin was a happy and grateful winner.  Love. These. Kids.

Tomorrow's prompt: 

Someone in the service industry. Think server, custodian, hotel staff, etc. they often work tirelessly and for very little. Let's find someone who deserves a little extra appreciation! Please be sure to come back here and let us know what RAOK you did! 

Have FUN!!


  1. Hahaha! That kid looks super psyched!

  2. I love the idea of boys that enjoy singing! It must be fun to hang with them. I have to think about what I can do with this prompt. Happy weekending!

    1. They are awesome, Crystal! These young men are such a joy to work with. It's awesome to be part of their musical development!