Monday, October 7, 2013

RAOK Day 7

Hello! Welcome back to Almond Place. Thanks for joining me for 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness.

Today's prompt was for a teacher. Since I come from a long line of teachers, both the hubs and I are teachers and almost all of our friends are teachers, this RAOK is near and dear to my much so that I know another day this month will focus on a teacher. 

I chose my son's kindergarten teacher for today's RAOK. I knew a few things she likes so I hit up my favorite special treat store (world market) and loaded up on some dark chocolate. 

I stopped into the office when I knew I wouldn't run into the class out and about. I left her a little note thanking her for her hard work with all of our kiddos and left it anonymously at the front desk. 

I absolutely adore his teacher this year and am so thrilled to have him spend his days with her. I hope she enjoyed it!!

Tomorrow's prompt: A neighbor


  1. I'm a teacher - and I know she loved getting a treat! I left a Tim Horton's card on some windshields in the school parking lot today. Wish I could have been a bird on a wire watching!!

    1. That's awesome, Crystal!! It is so easy to help make someone's day! Love that you left them Timmies! Now I'm craving an iced Capp :-)