Monday, October 21, 2013

RAOK Days 19, 20 & 21

Welcome to Almond Place! I've been a little caught up in our weekend. I hope yours was a good one!

Here is a little summary of my last 3 days...Saturday: soccer, played a funeral, played a wedding, played mass, date night. Sunday: played mass, had music meeting, grocery shopped, prepped for week. Monday: hurried sleepy kids off to school, went to work, now I'm blogging!

I lead a very exciting life...

Saturday's Random Act of Kindness was for your spouse.  I had already arranged for date night so we could go celebrate Jim's birthday. While this one is kind of a RAOK of the day was letting him pick the movie and not sighing when he suggested "Gravity" ;-). This is not a movie I would choose to watch but I am pretty selfish when it comes to picking the two movies we see a year so in honor of his birthday, I figured that not complaining about it was the least I could do! Ha.

It was my first 3D movie! And I was surprisingly engaged the entire time!

On Sunday, my RAOK was a bit more out of my comfort zone. Like in most organizations, there can be some difficult personalities to deal with.  I've been struggling with a couple of people who while graciously donate their time to my church, make it difficult to be around them due to their negative attitudes and general sense of annoyance towards the rest of us. I will honestly say that I have let a couple of those folks get to me and have not had the best attitude towards them and not necessarily been as patient as I would like.  My RAOK was kind, be patient and treat them how I would like to be despite knowing that their attitude toward me and everyone else would be negative regardless. 

Since I typically wear my feelings on my sleeve, I often find my first response is one of defensiveness rather than one of instant grace.  By choosing to look past the negativity and engage them in pleasant conversation, I hope they left feeling better about themselves and that I was thankful to have them there.  

And finally today, Monday...I have been thinking about friendship a lot in the last year.  Today, I dropped a close friend a card in the mail to let her know how much I appreciate her.  

Tomorrow's prompt: someone who taught you something...a skill, a lesson, class, etc.

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