Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I recently discovered this amazing site called ""  I had never heard of it until Miss Becky Higgins, the Project Life Guru announced that she was asked to teach a class on Project Life.  

Her class started today and I spent a good portion of the day listening and watching the live stream of her sessions.  Their studio is in San Francisco but their classes are available online, via live stream.....wait for it....FOR FREE.  Get. Out.  They rebroadcast the episodes/sessions and then you have the opportunity to purchase the classes.  

Miss Becky is there teaching about how to get started, what to do if you're overwhelmed, how to get organized and pulling it all together.  She had great tips and ideas all day today.  Tomorrow and Friday, we will be treated to other members of her team....Kari is talking digital memory keeping, Kevin is talking technology, and Kara is talking photography.  I'm so lucky to know Becky, Kari and Kara in real life...I've only seen Kevin via Becky's blog, but he's very knowledgeable and great at breaking down technology for scrapbooking.  

During some of the breaks, I took advantage of the time to browse the CreativeLIVE website and must say that it looks AWESOME!!  I'm anxious to plot out my next free class.  

If you've got some extra time in the next couple of days, I highly recommend tuning into the broadcast. You're sure to learn something fun, interesting and most definitely inspiring with regards to leaving a documentation legacy for your family.  

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