Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Fun 2014

Welcome to Summer Fun 2014!  Since I know many of us make these summer bucket lists, I thought it would be fun for a little link up party to see what everyone is up to and to hopefully inspire us to make the most of the summer we have with our kids.

So, I don't know about you, but when my kids have a little too much "unstructured" time, they tend to make me want to ship them off to Siberia.  That being said, one of the things our family has been intentional about is not over-scheduling ourselves or falling into the "everyone else is doing it" trap.  We like our simple little life and our kids do too...well, until we get on each other's nerves!

Now that the boys are in their prime memory making years, I set out to ask them what was on their bucket lists for the summer.  I wanted to know what they wanted to do to make memories.  I had a list in my head of some things I wanted to take them out to do but I was really in search of things that wouldn't necessarily set us back a ton of money.  All of these activities can add up really quickly when you are paying for 5 people!

Phoenix in the summer is kind of's really hot and honestly, it's not the most family friendly place.  It's great if you are retired, like to golf, shop or go to spas....but it can sometimes be hard to find stuff to do with the entire family.

Here's the list we came up with and I'm ready to add to it anytime!  We're already through the first week of vacation and we've hit several things on our list.  The boys will start summer camp in the mornings in another week, but we will be tackling an activity a day to fill the afternoons.

As you can see, we've already crossed a few items off our list which has led to us having a ton of fun together!  We are off to a great start.  Our very first activity was painting pottery at "As You Wish"'s one of those "paint your own" kinds of places.  The kids enjoyed their time there and it was the perfect amount of time for an activity. I would say we spent about 45 minutes there.  This activity was definitely one of the more expensive ones our list....well, until you let me loose in IKEA... but we had a gift to make for Father's Day so I wanted to get it done in plenty of time. We picked up their finished pieces just a couple of days ago and all in all we were thrilled with how everything turned out.  Little Miss Grace even got in on the action but that picture is staying hidden until Father's day.

I'd love to hear your suggestions or ideas for your family! I'll be posting every Friday about our summer adventures.  Please join the link party to share summer fun ideas with others!

Can't wait to see what adventures you go on!

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