Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Sedona

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In case you haven't seen the news lately, fire season in the Southwest of the US has begun.  Every year, we (California and Arizona) suffer massive wild fires...some caused by lightning and some others sadly caused by careless humans.  Last week, the hills surrounding San Diego erupted into flames....

This week, a fire has broken out by a nearby landmark in Sedona that is close to our hearts.  The school that the Hubs and I work at owns a quaint little retreat center in the heart of Oak Creek Canyon...just north of Sedona.  In case you've never been to Sedona or Oak Creek Canyon, I can best describe in this sentence: "Awesome wonder".  It's beautiful, serene and has the most magnificent views.

As a family, we try to get up to Manresa a couple of times a year.  One of those times is when we visit the Polar Express around Christmas time.  As a faculty member, we have the opportunity to lead some great young men through spiritual retreats.  Manresa is well used and well loved by many.

A few years ago, when we still had only 2 kids and both were in diapers, Jim and Andrew headed up to Manresa for the "Father-Son" retreat.  Jim was one of the leaders and Andrew loved hanging out with all of the BIG boys.

This week, our beloved retreat center as well as many people's homes stands in the path of the fire.  It's just a couple of short miles away.  Hopefully, the fire will be brought under control soon.  We are praying for swift action, calm winds, cool temps and strength on the part of the fire fighters.  Fire season in this part of Arizona is still raw from last year when we lost 19 brave Hot Shots in nearby Prescott.

If you get a chance, would you please offer some good thoughts this way? Arizona, Sedona and Oak creek could use them!  Thank you!

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  1. Praying that the fires are brought under control soon. God bless those fighting the fires. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My husband and I went out west last summer. I had never been before! What a beautiful part of the country. Praying the fires are contained soon!