Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kindred Spirits Tea

This past weekend, Grace and I were invited to the Kindred Spirits Tea hosted by the Heiland Family.  I have been blessed to know the Heiland family through my work at Brophy. They have 4 awesome kids and their baby, Michael has just graduated.

I've shared some of Michael's work on social media. But in case you missed it, you can find his amazing stop image photography videos here on Vimeo.  His movie "The Valley" is amazing. Watch it. You just won't believe that a kid in high school did this. This kid is going places

His family is just as lovely as can be and I was first introduced to their annual tea party through one of Michael's videos. This is the Boston Tea Party Video.

His mom, Mary has been hosting an annual themed tea party at their home since her girls were preschoolers. In 1999, they purchased a historic home in Prescott and moved the party up there. 

When I received the invitation to this year's tea, my jaw dropped. It was a "Kindred Spirits" tea. As in Anne of Green Gables. As in, I spent my whole life loving this book and now my parents live near Green Gables and we take our kids to Cavendish and Avonlea farms and we spend the summers on Prince Edward Island.

It could not have been more perfect for my sweet little girl's first tea party.

I am so thankful to Mary, Greg, their awesome kids: John, Emily, Katie (who I didn't get to meet) and Michael for welcoming us and including us.  It was such a special day. Their home is stunning....just like out of the books. Everything was delicious and beautifully prepared.

Sweet Anne of Green Gables.  If you have not read this MUST. It is a classic especially if you have little girls.  It's a tale of true friendship. I love the book, the movie, Avonlea name it, and I love it.  I bought Grace the young reader edition and just got my own new copy of the book.  I can't wait to read it again this summer.  Mary had many of the books, and a couple of the dolls.  She even had one bottle of raspberry cordial left over!  

I found out over the past month or so that Mary and her daughter Katie had traveled up to PEI last fall and spent some time in Green Gables.  It was a "dream come true" kind of trip that they had both looked forward to.  I'm thrilled they got to experience my little piece of paradise!

We ate, drank tea, met new friends, got a tour of their home and simply enjoyed the beautiful and slightly cooler day.  We were even treated to (unbeknownst to them) a Ceilidh (Cayleigh) when 2 young girls and their grandfather got up to play violin and guitar.  Grace was in heaven and danced while they played.
It was truly a special afternoon and I am so thankful Grace and I were included!  Here are a few last photos of me and my sweet girl all dressed up!

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