Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Childhood Mini Kits

Hello and WELCOME! to Almond Place. Today I'm talking all about Project Life....It's the brain child of Miss Becky Higgins, who like many of us moms today found herself struggling to document her family's journey. She has a wonderful blog and company based right here in Arizona.

I thought today I would highlight one of the Childhood Mini Kits.  A friend of mine just had a baby and was feeling overwhelmed....just like most of us do when it comes to being "caught up" on their books.

This week, my Project Life task is surrounding Andrew's Kindergarten book.  I wanted to capture his first year of school in a separate book...some of the same images will appear in his yearly book, and some of them are also in his Personal Yearbook....it's a little redundant, but I wanted to be able to journal more in depth for his first year of school.

I'm using the Wellington Edition along with a Cinnamon Mini Album. Now here's the best part...the cards come with all sorts of prompts, memories to document and various journaling/filler cards.  All YOU have to do is print your photos and fill out the cards.  You simply slip them all into the pockets in the mini album and done.



I'm only about half way through Andrew's year in kindergarten but it takes so little time to get this done, that I don't feel behind at all.  At first, I was working on it a little at time and now that his year is over, I plan to plow through to get it done....hopefully by the end of the week.

Here are some images from Andrew's book:

There is no cutting, no gluing, no design on your part needed.  For the images with the white border and two small pictures, I used my Epson Picturemate printer to combine the 2 images on one 4X6.  Totally not necessary to do, but I wanted to include more pictures than I had spaces on that one page.

Also, the cards in the kit come with rounded corners.  Sometimes I use my corner rounder, sometimes I don't....again, total preference and absolutely unnecessary to complete the book.

 This is the ONLY way I do any scrapbooking now.  I simply don't have the time or the money, or the space to set up a big craft studio....one day maybe but for now Project Life is EXACTLY what I need to fulfill my obsession with paper and my documenting needs for our family.

Go check it out and feel free to put any questions you might have in the comments!  Happy Project Life Tuesday!

Currently there are 3 mini kits to choose from, but they are ALWAYS coming up with new stuff....The three available kits: Mayfield Edition is more feminine with some pink and red tones, Bridgeport Edition is more masculine with blue and green, and the Wellington Edition is more neutral with browns, greys, greens. Also, these are on an amazing Amazon sale right now...the Mayfield Edition is less than $4!!

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