Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Fun Friday: Our Prescott Adventure

Welcome back to Almond Place!  Each Friday, I'm posting an activity from our Summer Fun List and hosting a linky party for us to share ideas!  Got a great idea to share?  Link up!!

Honestly, this is the first year I've ever done a list like this.  Our kids are still pretty young and it can be daunting to think about taking them to Target!

But knowing that we would all be home together for 3 months meant that this Mama had to plan things in order to keep my sanity.  We can survive a day here and there with nothing planned but after a that, the kids start to go stir crazy.  Part of that is because here in Arizona, we are in our AWFUL time of year.  It's so ridiculously hot that we can't do very much outside for very long.

I don't remember if I actually posted our entire list but here's what we've come up with and what we've done.  I did solicit the help of our boys to make the list and now each day, they go check it out to see what we could do that day!

So, this past week, while Grace and I were at the Tea Party, Jim took the boys to the lake to go fishing. They have been talking about doing this for a while and I was excited for the boys to experience it.  They didn't actually use a real lure, but they learned to cast the bobber out and reel it in.  They are still too little to know the difference and no one lost an eye. #parentingwin

Doesn't everyone have a Jedi fisherman?!

In case you aren't familiar with the town of Prescott, last year 19 firefighters from their HotShot team died in a horrific forest fire.  It was the worst tragedy this community has experienced and the entire state of Arizona grieved with them.  They are still recovering from this devastating loss. A memorial is currently being built and we look forward to paying our respects when it's complete.

These two rows of Arizona flags took my breath away. 
Finally starting to feel at home here in my adopted's only taken 12 years ;-)

Love this little family of mine....of course there is always one who refuses to look at the camera! After the tea party and fishing, we walked around the court house and square.  They had a huge farmers market going on and the boys wanted to go check out the gem booth. We sat and watched some dancers in the square then we grabbed an ice cream cone at a local parlour and headed back home to Phoenix.  

It really was the perfect day.

I hope you'll link up and share your summer fun memories!  

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