Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Fun Friday

Welcome to Summer Fun Friday!  We have been having a blast around here crossing things off our Summer bucket list!  I hope you're enjoying your time together as well.

This week we managed to get several things done on our list including a trip to the library, a play date with friends, the Butterfly Pavilion, Pump it Up, Flip Dunk, blitz swimming lessons and the splash pad. Having 3 littles home all day means we are busy busy and it's no small feat trying to tire them out! We usually end the day with a swim in the pool and that does a good job at getting those little rascals in bed and asleep by 8pm.

One of the favorites this week was the Butterfly Pavilion.  If you happen to live in the Phoenix Area, I definitely recommend it.  It's a really cool exhibit with butterflies everywhere.  Similar to what they have at the Desert Botanical Garden only it's all year long and not just a couple of times a year.  The best discovery we made is that they are also building a large aquarium there...Jacob was not very happy with us when we told him there were no sharks to be found...yet.

The 3D butterfly movie about a Monarch's migration was great and probably the kids' favorite.  Even Grace enjoyed watching.

The coolest part for me though was watching them discover the butterflies in the exhibit and seeing them identify the ones they knew.  I had no idea my kiddos knew so much about butterflies!  They really are lovely little creatures and the entire family loved the afternoon we spent there!

I would LOVE if you would link up to the party and share you summer bucket list ideas! Spread the will be here every Friday all summer!

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