Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sweet Sibilings

One of the things every parent goes through when they add to their family is to worry about how the "newbie" will fit in. When you have just one child, you wonder how you could possibly love another...when you have two, you wonder about the 3rd.

My biggest worry, although silly as it seems now, was wondering how a baby girl would fit in with these 2 rumble tumble boys. She is almost 3 full years younger than Jacob, and 4.5 younger than Andrew...the boys are 19 months apart. 

Andrew was smitten with Grace right from the moment they met in the hospital and he has continued to be a wonderful big brother to her. It took Jake about 2 months to pretty much notice her and really take an interest in what Little Miss had to offer. We figured this would be the case since his immediate little world wasn't all that disrupted by her arrival. It actually improved because Mom wasn't such a grump, tired or ginormous anymore! Fun Mom was back!

It's taken until about 6 months ago when Jake turned 4 and Grace 1.5 to really see their bond solidify. They play together, they share things and Jake really looks out for her. He never hesitates to put her in her place but he loves her fiercely and seeing them together is oh so sweet. 

Lately Gracie is starting to reciprocate the sibling relationship by making sure Jakey always has whatever she is having and she is always calling out to him. She loves to hug and snuggle and learn from him.

A couple of days ago, I heard them running and giggling through the house. She was laughing and laughing! I found them hiding under the desk playing "kitty"'s a pretty regular game around here but not one that Grace is invited to play with the boys very often...there are very specific rules when playing "Kitty". ;-)

I managed to snap this sweet moment between the two of them. I know they won't remember much from these ages...Grace probably nothing at all, but I hope they remember the love and the laughter that filled many of their days.

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