Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday: First Grade

I am surprised at how much I actually remember from my year in Grade One.

I remember my school: Richardson Elementary, where my classroom was located: 3rd door on the left, what part of the playground we were assigned to: the little kid one with equipment we would never dream of allowing our kids to play on now.

I remember coloring on a boy's white jacket with a green marker when he kept playing "boys kiss the girls tag", and being pointed out by him in the hallway.

I remember the girl named Laura who used to have a timer on her desk because she wrote so incredibly slowly that her work was never complete and she would get in trouble.

I remember my teacher, Mme. Martin, who was probably the age I am now, and thinking she looked just like one of the newscasters on the CTV news.

I remember the creative things we did like pottery, the paper bag owl, and the large laminated paper teddy bears that hung on the closet doors where we placed our hard earned daily stars.

I remember loving school.

I remember collecting the tips of my pencil crayons in a tictac can only imagine why?!

I remember playing Seven Up and calling out "Thumbs UP!"

I remember learning how to read with Mrs. Cuthbertson in the library and being so excited for story know 30 years ago, 1st grade was really like Kindergarten now.

My Dad and I, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 1986

With Andrew starting school this week, I pulled out this old photo of me on my first day of Grade One. He laughed....mostly at my socks. Then he wanted to know all about the grey cat behind me. He also thought Canada Grandpa looked hysterical. Ha.

I can't help but wonder what he will remember from these first few years of his life in school. I hope they are filled with great memories!

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