Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Whatever it takes

I just love this picture.  This picture is a reminder of some of the challenges I've faced both in parenting and in my marriage.

Our second son, Jacob was born with GERD...which basically meant his esophagus wasn't quite fully developed and he suffered from silent reflux. Although we were fortunate to have some luck with his medication and dietary changes, he still had moments of being inconsolable. Having a baby with reflux is no joke and is incredibly stressful on Mama and Daddy.

One night, after burning a path in our hall carpet and several frustrating interactions together, Jim came into our living room at midnight carrying our big ladder, a drill and a long rope. His response to my "Um, what the HELL are you doing?! DO NOT DRILL INTO MY CEILING" was simply "Just trust me".....ha...everyone's famous last words, right?

While I fumed holding the screaming baby, he proceeded to take the vent grill off and drill a hole into the 2x4s surrounding it. He screwed in a giant hook and strung the rope. After a little rigging, we had a giant pendulum swing in our living room.

We strapped that screaming baby into his car seat, hooked it up and let him fly!

It was MAGIC.

It saved two weary and stressed out parents. He gradually recovered as he got older and we needed it less and less.  By the time Jake was 9 months old, the rope was out and the grill was permanently back in place.

We don't live in that house anymore, but the giant hook hiding behind the grill remains. I sometimes wonder what someone would think if they found it! I will never forget our days in our starter home, when all we had was each other and our 2 little boys....just trying to figure things out.

Just like everything in learning how to wasn't in the book, it was unconventional, we did what we had to do to bring comfort to our child and our ceiling swinging days are long behind us :-)

I can hardly believe that little swinging baby is nearly 5 and heading off to Pre-K in a couple of days! 

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  1. Mandy, Kiefer was born with GERD too. I can remember the frustration of not being able to console him like it was yesterday. Why weren't we friends then??? I so would have done your awesome car seat swing. Brilliant!! Love this story.