Monday, October 27, 2014

31 Days to a Peaceful Holiday Season: Deep Cleaning

Welcome back, friends!  In true "31 days" form, I'm starting to suffer a bit from burn out :-)  Hoping to finish the week strong with some great ideas for you before November hits! You can check out all of the other posts in this series HERE.

This week, I'm tackling one of my most "blah" tasks.  I'm actually going to spread it out over two weeks, but my goal is to DEEP CLEAN all of our main areas.  I want to go into the holidays only needing to do regular maintenance or spot jobs.  With the added guests, and commitments, I know it will be a struggle just to get the toilets swished on a regular basis!

So, I'm cleaning out the fridge and kitchen.  I'm wiping down baseboards. I'm vacuuming under the the beds and moving the couch to clear under there.  I'm washing windows, and dusting the ceiling fans and reaaaalllly scrubbing those bathrooms.

Is it fun?  Nope.  I LOVE organizing and Not so much.  But what I hate even more than that is doing it when I'm already too busy, or under a time crunch or I have the looming suspicion someone just might drop in unexpectedly and even though my friends don't care, (or at least pretend not to care), I like it when our home is tidy and grunge least for the holidays, people!

I've stocked up on my Shaklee Basic H, and Basic G and my Young Living Thieves supplies to get the job done. Feel free to email me if you want more info on those products!

Here's to "fall cleaning" this week!!

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