Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days to a Peaceful Holiday Season: Family Pictures

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family. pictures.

This is the time of year where you will find every photographer on the planet booking up their evenings and weekends for "mini-shoots".  These are of course wonderful sessions with truly talented artists whom I admire So. So. So. much.

If you are wanting a photo session....NOW is the time to get that booked. That's our action item for today!

But let's be real...let's focus on a source of stress for most families come the holiday time.  Well....maybe it's not a stressful thing for your family, but for mine? It's like pulling teeth.

Family pictures. I can hear my family cringing while they sleep.

Now, like almost every mom, I like to have professional shots of my little family taken by someone other than me.  I'm no professional photographer but I can take darn good photos and calling on the pros has dropped significantly now that I know how to properly use my dSLR. That being said, I have many photographer friends and marvel at their abilities behind the camera.  They are master artists and I  am often blown away at their images.

I love the styled shoots, with perfect lighting, and some coordination...and everyone's hair is brushed and no one is totally filthy. I love them so much that I would hire someone every 6 months to document our family.

My family? they. could. not. care. less.

I brought up the idea this past weekend of making a fun trip to the park, or exploring the empty grass lot with all the kids and I got a big fat resound NO. from every last one of them, the Hubs included.

So here's the thing....I'm not ready to give up yet. But I am thinking I might need to rethink my strategy....We may not get the perfect family photo. <Gasp. Sigh.> I am not willing to spend 2 hours yelling at my kids to get them out the door so we can take pics. This means I might need to take them out individually...or it might be more spur of the moment when we go on a walk. It might mean that the hubs and I aren't in the pics.  It WILL mean that I maintain a happy bond with my kids and husband instead of turning into Dragon Mom  before popping on our fake smiles for the Christmas card photo!

Don't get me wrong, I am still secretly hyperventilating about this :-) I want to call up my good friend Kara Layne and book a photo shoot right. now. But the thing is, we can't quite swing it with our budget right now. And I'm trying to be okay with that.

I know that the Christmas cards I send out from our family will be loved by the people who get them because they will see pictures like this:

And honestly? THIS is us. I should mention that all of these are iPhone as well. These images make my heart full and that's really all that matters...getting the "perfect shot"? Not so this exact moment in time. 

So, is anyone else feeling this way? The "pressure" to get the perfect family photo for the perfect family holiday card? If you're like me, start scouring those photo folders for some favorites!  If you're kids are a little older, or more onboard with the photo shoot, get those photographers booked ASAP! Ordering cards is just around the corner!

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  1. We family pictures taken 6 months ago, so like you, I'm feeling the itch again. I can't justify spending the money though! And in the same breath, I want a new camera so bad! I have an old point-and-shoot and just seeing "dSLR" got me all hyped up. Sigh.
    You are right, though. Your pictures are pretty and will be just as cherished.

    1. Thanks, Erin! I'm still not 100% at peace with it-haha! I want a new camera too....the one I have is OLD and definitely starting to show it's age. Time for something newer, faster, crisper, with updated lenses....but that's a big budget item for us, so maybe by next year?!