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31 Days to a Peaceful Holiday Season: Gifts for Kids

Welcome back to Almond Place! I hope you've been enjoying the series so far.  I'm focusing on 31 days to a Peaceful Holiday Season with the hopes making our holidays enjoyable and stress free.
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This is my gift guide list for kids. I'm focusing on kids 7 and under because that's the age range of kids we have at our house and what I'm most familiar with.

**Disclosure: Some affiliate links may be used. Your purchase through these links helps support my little family and we are so very grateful. This post was not sponsored by any company and all opinions/suggestions are my own.**

I mentioned in a previous post how we handle gift giving for our little family.  Some of these are on my list for the kids this year and I'm excited for them to open them on Christmas morning!


Our Gracie is just a little over 2 years old.  She is our girlie girl and claims anything "pink" to be hers. Baby Stella is one of her most treasured possessions.  We were gifted this precious doll from my aunt and have loved the quality, accessories and true "babyness" of the doll. I was thrilled to find a boy version while looking it up on Amazon and this is in fact what I'm going to get Gracie for Christmas.

Baby StellaFeeding AccessoriesBaby BoyBoy clothing accessories

 Cutting Food Set

I love anything by Melissa & Doug, but this Cutting Food Set is one of our favorites.  We love setting up picnics and playing with the different parts of the food. Such a good quality set and all three kids have loved it.

We were gifted Babybug Magazine when Andrew was a baby and I have continued to love it and order the next set of magazines.  It's a beautiful publication and Grace will love getting this in the mail.  It's definitely on our Christmas list for her.

Our preschooler Jacob just turned 5. He is our easy to please kid but I just love finding him gifts that I know he will truly love. He has been and continues to be obsessed with airplanes.

Duplos are a staple toy in our house. We have huge bins of them and the kids play with them more than any other toy.  I am so excited to give this to Jake. Even though the boys like the "regular" legos now, they still have a great time making huge villages and setting up scenes with the duplos. This is the Planes Fire & Rescue Duplo,and I know he's going to love it! Gracie has already staked her claim on this "pink" Cupcake Duplo Set.

I first learned about Eeboo toys before I even had kids.  I was totally drawn to the colors, and quality and thoughtfulness of their products. I LOVE them.  These puzzles have been worn out in our house!
I love the Alphabet set, the Lotto Game set .

From the same company as Babybug comes the slightly older version called Lady Bug.  You cannot go wrong with magazine!

Young Elementary
Our oldest kiddo is 6.5. This is the age range I find I struggle with the most when purchasing gifts because they often want things that are too challenging for them.  These are some of our reliable gifts and ones that I know won't require constant supervision or assistance.

These two Lego sets are totally doable for Andrew.  They are not so big that they are overwhelming and really anything that is Star Wars related is pretty motivating to him. I might have to help with a couple of pieces but overall, he can handle these on his own. The Lego General Grievous Bike and the
Lego Millenium Falcon are already hidden in a closet!

I adore this concept.  I can't wait until Grace is old enough for these.  I was never a girl that liked or excelled at anything in math and science.  I love that Goldie Blox is trying to change this perception for young girls. I've not personally used any of their products but they've gotten good reviews.

Another major win from Eeboo with these Creative Story cards. We have several sets of these and they are a huge hit with everyone.  The game is easy, you simply pull out a few cards and retell the story you see while using your imagination.  I'm looking forward to adding this particular set, the Mystery in the Forest, to our collection. Some other favorite: Fairy Tale Mixups,  Little Robot's MissionVolcano Island.

Click Magazine is the next level of publication above BabyBug and LadyBug.  It's perfectly geared towards the beginning reader.  We love the stories, a small projects and beautiful illustrations/pictures throughout.  Seriously, I will be sad when my kids outgrow these.  They remind me so much of Owl Magazine...if you were a Canadian kid in the 80s, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Kiwi Crate is a really cool company that provides you with a project box each month.  You can purchase them one at a time or opt for a subscription.  This is a gift that we are getting our kids this year.  I've been holding off for a couple of years until they were older to actually really enjoy it.  I'm so excited to see our new project boxes each month.  If you use this link, you can save $10!
Kiwi Crate: Save $10

Phew that was a long list!  I hope some of the ideas are helpful!  Do you have any tried and true gifts that should be on my list?  Leave a comment!


  1. I love this list! I have been going crazy with what to buy our 19 month old for weeks now! We do Hello Highlights and I have not heard of it close to Hello or worth getting along with it?

    1. Hmm, I've not looked at Hello Highlights, but you can never enough books in my opinion :-) Glad you liked the list. Thanks for stopping by!